Wooden Hot Tub

wooden hot tub

Robert’s hot tubs offers a selection of different kinds of wooden hot tub. The Round wooden hot tub and Ofuro soaking wooden hot tub, which have a variety of different sub-types. From the selection of round wooden hot tubs, there are western red cedar, alaskan yellow cedar, and teak hot tubs. From the selection of square ofuro tubs, there are alaskan yellow cedar, port orford cedar, and teak hot tubs. Wooden hot tubs first came to the market in the mid 20th century in California. They were inspired by the Japanese Ofuro tubs.
From wikipedia.org, “Wooden hot tubs: round wooden hot tubs peaked in popularity in the 1970s, having now been replaced by modern construction methods. Wooden hot tubs are often made of redwood or cedar and assembled from vertical staves and the structure is held together like wooden barrels, with metal bands.”.