Wood Hot Tub Cover

wood hot tub covers

Hot Tub Roll Covers

Robert’s Hot Tub sells different kinds of wooden hot tub cover. These are specially designed wooden roll covers for hot tubs. There is the Western Red Cedar Roll Cover, the Teak Roll Cover, and the Alaskan Yellow Cedar Roll Cover. Roll Covers are durable, safe, strong, and easy for one person to roll on and off. Our wood roll covers are constructed with the highest quality of milled & kiln dried wood. We use 3″ wide by 1 1/2″ thick chamfered trapezoid shaped slats that allow you to roll your cover from one side to the other or off your tub completely. The covers come standard with an optional “nose” & “tail” that can be screwed to your deck or to a set of brackets attached to the side of your spa. The nose comes with a brass locking mechanism that you can install for extra security to keep children, pets or pests out.

WARRANTY: Limited 3 year warranty against manufacture defects.

Please Note: For prices on custom shapes and sizes please email us at customercare1@rhtubs.com or call us toll free at 1(800)735-5290.