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Burmese Teak
(Tectona grandis)

One of the most valuable of all woods due to it’s scarcity and difficulty to harvest and transport, teak is prized for the construction of expensive boats and yachts.

Because of its decay resistance, teak is used extensively as exterior decking, mill-work, trim and windows. It’s also used for garden furniture, park benches and many marine applications.

Teak is a very hard, heavy, strong wood, distinctively oily to the touch. It is resistant to insects, fungus, and termites won’t touch it! It is also resistant to rot and moisture damage.

When first cut, teak is a tawny green color, streaked with dark brown and gold. The color quickly changes to be a dark golden yellow, olive or light to dark brown.

Teak is native to India, Burma, Thailand, Indochina, including Indonesia, particularly Java. Also Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and the East Indies. Although commonly grown on plantations, this type of farm grown teak is not suitable for hot tubs.