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Port Orford Cedar

Port Orford Cedar
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana)

Grown only in Southern Oregon and Northern California, Port Orford Cedar is very limited in supply.

It has earned a reputation for strength, decay resistance and has an odor similar to ginger and lemons.

The most prized type of wood for Japanese architecture, upscale boat construction and the creation of world famous Japanese Ofuro Soaking tubs is called “hinoke.”

The Japanese wouldn’t consider substituting any other type of wood for their prized hinoke until they discovered Port Orford Cedar.

The characteristics of Port Orford Cedar is so close to those of hinoke that the Japanese now use Port Orford Cedar as a substitute whenever quality hinoke is in short supply.

Renowned for its beauty, durability, structural integrity and natural decay resistance, the heartwood of Port Orford Cedar has an in-ground life of 20-25 years which makes it ideal for timber structures and hot tubs.

Port Orford Cedar is a light colored wood with a pleasant and sweet-spicy scent. It has a fine texture and straight grain that remains smooth with absolutely no splintering or raised grain. The color can best be described as a creamy white hue.