Oval Hot Tubs

Our oval hot tubs are individually crafted from the finest clear, all heart, vertical grain western red cedar. Alaskan yellow cedar and teak are also available.

Occasionally we also have a supply of Port Orford Cedar, aka hinoki, with which to make smaller oval soaking hot tubs.

The maximum variance between length and width of an oval hot tub is two feet. Anything larger has a great tendency to warp out of shape, and tends to look like a large cigar.

The largest oval hot tub we offer is 8′ long by 6′ wide. On the other end of the scale, we’ve also made individual soaking tubs smaller than 40″ by 30″. Typically the larger oval hot tubs are 4′ tall, but 3′ or 5′ tall is not uncommon. The smaller soaking oval tubs are rarely more than 4′ tall, and frequently as short as 2-1/2′ (24″ deep), allowing the user to sit on the floor, in traditional Japanese ofuro style.

The oval hot tubs are constructed from the finest full-sawn 2 x 4, or 2 x 6 clear, all heart, vertical grain wood. Both the staves and the bottom are a full 1-3\4″ net thickness (teak 1-1/4″), making them extremely stable and considerably thicker than most others hot tubs.

The extra thickness adds greatly to the life-span, and virtually eliminates any possibility of future warping of the wood.

Most importantly though, the extra thickness give our hot tubs up to twice the insulating value of some other thinner tubs.

The benches of an oval hot tub differ from the full circular bench of our round hot tubs. The smaller tubs generally have an individual bench at one or both ends (unless you choose an ofuro style oval tub that is shallow enough for you to sit on the floor).

As the oval tubs become larger a third bench is typically installed along one of the long sides between the two end benches. The largest oval hot tubs have a fourth long bench as well, making for seating all the way around the hot tub. No part of the bench touches the floor thereby allowing your feet complete freedom under the bench. All benches come with stainless steel screws.

The tubs are supported by 4 x 6 chine joists and held together by 1\2″ steel bands, roll threaded at each end, and include a cast iron coupler, two stainless steel nuts and most importantly a polyethylene sheathing which protects the band from rusting.

Oval hot tubs are available individually, with or without benches, or as complete systems which contain virtually everything necessary to put you into bubbling hot water (except for the water).

Smaller ‘soaking’ tubs come pre-assembled, while the larger tubs come ‘knocked down’ and are easily shipped, and installed in any location by following our comprehensive step by step installation guide.

The smaller oval tubs are an excellent inexpensive substitute for the traditional Japanese ofuro .