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Hot Tub Equipment Location & Layout

Hot tub and equipment layout

The equipment included in our standard Hot Tub system will take up an area that’s approximately 4’ Long by 2’ Wide.  If you add a gas heater, then your footprint can increase to 6’ long by 2’ wide and if you add a heat pump you will need 7’x3′.  If there are walls or an enclosure around the equipment, then the footprint could increase to accommodate aspects of the equipment and its accessibility and venting.


The Hot tub equipment can be located just about anywhere as long as you comply with local and national Code requirements. National safety codes require the equipment is minimally 5’ away from the tub.  The equipment can’t be closer to the tub unless separated by a permanent barrier.  Local codes vary and it is your responsibility to find out and comply with whatever the local code mandates.  The vast majority prefer to locate the equipment further away than 5’.


Ultimately where and how far away to locate the equipment from you hot tub is up to you but taking the following factors into consideration will greatly enhance your overall Hot Tub experience.


  • If tub and equipment are further than 5’ away from each other, the 1.5” PVC plumbing should be upsized to 2” PVC. If the distance is greater than 40’, the pump and PVC plumbing may need to be upsized again, to ensure pump performance and jet pressure are appropriate.
  • If the gas heater is more than 7’ below the water line, you may need to have a flow switch installed to keep the heater from operating when the pumps turns off.
  • If your pump is located above the water line of the hot tub, it can lose its prime causing water recirculation to stop and result in damage to the pump. Please let us know so we can ensure we can provide you the corrected special fittings to ensure losing prime will not happen.
  • Gas heaters require certain combustible clearances above and around them to ensure proper safe operation and access for maintenance. If indoors, the heater may also need additional kits for exhaust and air intake.  Please let us know if this applies to your application so we can help ensure you have the correct information and kits for your project.
  • The filter requires minimum vertical clearance above it to allow for removal of the filter element for maintenance. Please let us know in advance if this is a problem so we can provide you with options for smaller or shorter filters requiring less vertical clearances.


Images of equipment and layout

Below are some pictures of different equipment and layout using electric or gas heating systems with related dimensions to help you lay out the equipment for your application.  How your equipment lays out is ultimately up to you, but please don’t forget that all equipment needs occasional maintenance or repairs which will take less time and expense if access to do so is easier.


Layout #1 – ACC controller with 11kW electric heater, Topside control, Pentair pump & 75 sqft filter, and ionizer.  Dimensions:  4’L x 2’W x 3’H


Layout #2 – ACC controller with Gas Heater, Topside control, pump, filter, ionizer and Ball (Blue handle) or Slice (T handle) valves.

Dimensions:  4’L x 4’W x 3’H

Layout #2.1

Dimensions:  6’L x 2’W x 3’H