Although acrylic spas are by far more prevalent today than wooden hot tubs, it was the wooden hot tub that began the experience of social bathing in America. Whether to purchase an acrylic spa or a wooden hot tub depends mostly on personal preference and each individual situation. There are however many reasons for choosing a wooden tub over a plastic spa. Because they are assembled on site, a wooden hot tub can be carried through any doorway, down stairs or through any other narrow access.  With a spa, you have a large one-piece vessel which can be unwieldy or impossible to move into its final location. The tub alone is an environmentally friendly option and can easily be disposed of as the wood is biodegradable and the bands and many parts of the equipment are reusable. The vertical walls and greater depth of the wooden tub surround the bather with more water than would be found in a spa, so there is a greater effect of buoyancy in the hot tub. In addition, there is typically much more leg room since you can stretch out under the bench, and taller bathers are more comfortably accommodated.

The overall size of the hot tub, depth and diameter, can be customized to fit anything you can imagine. The exact height of the bench, and the location that the jets are installed are exactly as you like. Because of a wooden hot tub’s greater depth, a smaller diameter hot tub will seat the same number of people as a larger plastic spa. For example, a 5′ round hot tub will seat as many people as a 7′ square spa and a smaller surface area means less heating expense.  Then there’s the natural rustic look of a traditional wooden hot tub. From an aesthetic point of view, nothing matches the appearance of a wooden tub. The natural beauty of cedar or teak will not only look gorgeous but provide a pleasant and therapeutic aroma to your bathing experience.

Roberts Hot Tubs has individually crafted thousands of quality wooden hot tubs worldwide for over 40 years.  We’ve always been a very “hands-on” business and we’ve accumulated a lifetime or more of first-hand wooden hot tub knowledge and experience. Sharing that knowledge and our experiences with our customers, other hot tub manufacturers and the hot industry in general is what our Resource Center is all about.