Natural Chemistry PH Increaser

Natural Chemistry PH Increaser

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All Clear Soda Ash.
All Clear Soda Ash is the most concentrated pH and Total Alkalinity increaser you can find. It’s granular, dissolves quickly, doesn’t leave any residue and goes to work immediately.

It corrects your hot tub, spa or pool’s pH or Total Alkalinity levels quickly and safely and comes in convenient 2lb, 5lb and 10lb sizes.

Having the correct chemical levels in your hot tub or pool helps avoid corrosion, stains and adds to the your water activity enjoyment.

If your pH or Total Alkalinity levels are off in your hot tub, spa or pool’s water chemistry, then all clear soda ash is quick, safe and and effective, way to correct both. Made of 100% sodium carbonate, this is the easiest way to balance your chemicals and make you spa or pool a safer, cleaner environment.

Soda Ash Features & Benefits:
Granular Soda Ash
Raises pH levels
Works immediately
Quick Dissolving without leaving a residue
Prevents damage to hot tubs, spa & pool
Prevents skin and eye Irritation
The ideal ranges for hot tubs and spas should be between 7.2 and 7.8 for pH and between 80 and 140 ppm (parts per million) for Total Alkalinity. When pH levels are too low, this means the water has become overly acidic.

Too much acid can cause things like corrosion of pipes and pool fixtures, plaster stains or etching, and eye, nose, and skin irritation for swimmers.

Total Alkalinity is necessary to keep your pH levels balanced and low Total Alkalinity can also cause damage to your pool or spa and make soaking or swimming uncomfortable. All Clear Soda Ash quickly raises both pH and Total Alkalinity levels to more acceptable ranges and it’s easy to use with ease.

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All Clear Soda Ash:

All Clear Soda Ash 2LB, All Clear Soda Ash 5LB [Add $9.00]