Alaskan Yellow Cedar Rim Decks

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Rim Decks

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A rim deck is a complete circle deck, or set of shelves that surrounds your tub. These 10″ rim decks are the great accessory for your round wooden tub and a perfect a place for you to sit drinks, robes, towels, books and sandals etc. Rim Decks are also a great way to hide plumbing on free standing tubs or to use as steps.

The following chart shows the standard number of deck pieces and supports for each tub size.

Size Deck Pieces Deck Supports
4′ 6 Pieces 6 Supports
5′ 7 Pieces 7 Supports
6′ 8 Pieces 8 Supports
7′ 9 Pieces 9 Supports
8′ 10 Pieces 10 Supports

A full rim deck includes 1 support per section (If you would like to use a portion of your rim deck as steps you will need an additional 2 supports for each piece that will become a step.)

Rim Decks differ based on the diameter of the tub, thus a 7′ rim deck will not fit the radius of a 5′ tub.

14″ Rim Decks available by phone.

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Additional information

Alaskan Rim Deck Sizes:

4', 5' [Add $290.00], 6' [Add $1140.00], 7' [Add $1500.00], 8' [Add $1860.00]

Extra Rim Deck Support:

None, 2 Extra Supports [$120.00], 4 Extra Supports [$240.00], 6 Extra Supports [$360.00]