Sea-Klear Spa System Flush

Deep Cleans Without Harsh Chemicals

Spa System Flush from Sea-Klear is the perfect way to get rid of all of that crud, oil, slime, lotions, bio-film and chemical deposits etc…that accumulate inside the pipes, heater and circulation system of your spa, hot tub or jetted bath system.

Spa System Flush is an eco-friendly formula and contains no soaps, detergents or alcohol. It's extremely cost effective and only takes 8 oz. per 400 gallons of water to completely flush your pipes, so you'll get a minimum of two system flushes per 16 oz. bottle.

Once You've Tried Spa System Flush, You'll Swear By It!

The Spa Fill-Filter

Attaches to Any Standard Garden Hose

2 or More @ $18.99 each

Don't fill your pool, spa or hot-tub with dirty, gritty or harsh water. The Spa Fill-Filter snugly attaches to the end of any normal sized household hose and pre-filters the water while you're filling your hot tub or spa.

Why use a vacuum, screen or scoop to clean up the dirt, sand and debris later when the Fill- Filter can take it out before it gets in your hot tub.

Simply screw the filter to the end of a garden hose and fill your spa or hot tub.  The water will be sparkling clean from the very start!

The Fill-Filter pre-filters your water supply right before it enters your hot tub and traps sand, grit, dirt and debris.

2 or More @ $18.99 each

Leisure Time Spa Enzyme (Scum Gone)

Natural, Safe, Non-Toxic & Non-Irritant

Spa Enzyme by Leisure Time is a powerful blend of natural enzymes that breaks down oil, lotion and organics that cause unsightly scum lines and odors in hot tub and spa water. It also helps reduce the need for filter maintenance and routine spa surface maintenance.


• Reduces Maintenance of Filters & Spa Surfaces
• Removes Oil, Lotion & Organics from Spa Water
• Helps Eliminate Foul Spa Odors
• Helps Remove Unsightly Build-up at Spa Waterline
• Natural, Safe, Non-Toxic & Non-Irritant
• Compatible with All Other Hot Tub & Spa Chemicals

Sea-Klear 4 in 1 Natural Clarifier

Sea-Klear 4 in 1 Natural Clarifier

Sea-Klear 4 in 1 Clarifier for Spas is a natural clarifier that keeps spa and hot tub water sparkling clean by removing organic debris, grime-forming excess oils, and heavy metals such as manganese, copper and iron.

• Naturally Clarifies Cloudy Spa Water
• Improves Filter Efficiency
• Removes Excess Oils & Lotions Preventing Scum Lines
• Makes Hot Tub Filters Quicker& Easier to Clean
• Safe for Plants, Pets, Fish & Your Family
• Natural & Eco-friendly
• Proven Effective & Reliable
• Easy & Simple to Use

Works Better Than Any Other Clarifier You've Tried or Your Money Back!

Pint @ $13.95 each
Quart @ $18.95 each
(Choose an Option)

Water Wand Filter Cleaner

World's 1st Hand-Held Cartridge Filter Cleaner

The Water Wand is the worlds first hand-held cartridge filter cleaner. It is highly effective at cleaning all hot tub, spa & pool pleated filter cartridges in significantly less time and uses less water than traditional filter cleaning methods.

Simply attach to a standard garden hose and it's eight pleat-separating fingers and high pressure fan nozzles will quickly, easily & effectively clean your cartridge filter.


  • Makes Spa Cartridge Cleaning Quick & Easy
  • Cleans 8 Pleats at a Time, Instead on One
  • Soft Rubber Fingers Clean Between Pleats
  • 8 x 180 Degree Fan Nozzles Flush & Clean
  • No Back Splash Like Other Garden Hose Cleaners
  • Handy On/Off Switch
  • Rugged Design Ensures Years of Quality Service

Makes Cleaning Spa Filters Quick, Easy & Efficient!