Leisure Time Spa Cartridge Clean

Cleans Filters for Optimal Performance & Longevity

Leisure Time Spa Cartridge Filter Clean works to clean spa and hot tub filters for optimal performance and longevity.

\The Filter Clean spa chemical removes dirt, oil, grease and scale from hot tub and spa filters which allows the filters to perform at maximum levels on a continuous basis.


• Helps Improve Water Clarity
• Rids Spa Filter of Bacteria
• Increases Life of Filter & Filter Cartridge
• Easy to Use and Compatible with All Sanitizers

Hot Tub Ionizers

Hot Tub Ionizers Nobody enjoys soaking in a dirty or unhealthy hot tub and owners go to great lengths to ensure an enjoyable and relaxing soaking experience in water that’s as clean, safe and healthy as possible. How do we get our tub and spa water as clean and safe as possible? Simple, by adding … Continue reading “Hot Tub Ionizers”

Custom Hot Tub Systems

Build Your Own Custom Hot Tub System

The pros at Roberts Hot Tubs have been building quality wood hot tubs and custom systems for hot tub enthusiasts since 1976.  Tapping into their experience, knowledge and component expertise helps customers make smarter, better informed and more cost effective custom system decisions.

Roberts Hot Tub pros can assist you in every facet of building your own custom system.  Why worry about component compatibility, inferior parts or details falling through the cracks, when  we're ready, willing and able to help you build a system that meets or exceeds your expectations!

Please call our customer care center toll-free at 1-800-735-5290 or email customercare@rhtubs.com for pricing, ordering or further information on our custom hot tub systems.

You Won't Be Disappointed!

Sales Tax will be added to orders shipped within California as required by State Law.  Prices may be subject to change due to the volatility of wood prices.

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Filter & Filter Cartridge FAQs

Q.  When should a cartridge filter be acid washed? A.  Acid washing is perhaps the biggest single factor leading to premature filter cartridge failure! For years, service technicians and homeowners have acid washed D.E. grids. However, cartridge elements do not have the protective D.E. powder coating that grids have and can be permanently damaged by … Continue reading “Filter & Filter Cartridge FAQs”

Help, My Hair Turned Green!

Every summer we hear about or see people with green streaked hair.  Swimmers seem to suffer the worst, but hot tub and spa owners aren’t far behind. The general consensus among those affected believe that chlorine in their spa or pool is to blame for their hair turning green as well as their fingernails turning … Continue reading “Help, My Hair Turned Green!”

RainForest Blue Starter Kit

Great Hot Tub/Spa Starter Kit

Contains the 4 Most Important Products for Starting Up with RainForest Blue.  Our Starter Kit includes the following:

• RainForest Blue (1 Eight Oz. Bottle)
• AquaChek Copper Test Strips
• Sea-Klear Chlorine-Free Shock (1 lb. Bag)
• Sea-Klear Natural 4 in 1 Clarifier (1 Pint Bottle)

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inSPAration Spa & Bath Fragrance Combo Pack

inSPAration Spa & Bath Fragrance Combo Pack

With so many exotic and enchanting aromatherapy fragrances to choose from, it's hard for hot tub and spa owners to decide which fragrance to try first.

To make deciding just a little bit easier, we're offering a discount to customers who purchase two or more inSPAration Aromatherapy Fragrances at the same time.

Purchasing multiple fragrances will help you identify which of the 24 enchanting aromas are your favorites faster and you save some money at the same time. inSPAration fragrances are the #1 asked for fragrance of Hot Tub & Spa owners.

Combo Pack:  Any 2 – 9oz. Bottles @ $16.95
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inSPAration Spa & Bath Aromatherapy Fragrances

The #1 Fragrance for Hot Tubs & Spas

inSPAration is a unique, ready to use blend of aromatherapy fragrances especially formulated for hot tubs, spas and baths.  When added to hot water, it creates a relaxing environment with rich soothing aroma therapy.

The extensive variety of exotic fragrances masks chemical odors and leaves your skin feeling silky soft and moisturized.   It's completely safe for all spas and hot tubs, contains no alcohol, won't stain or harm woods, fiberglass, acrylics or plaster and won't affect the chemical balance of your hot tub or spa water.

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Fix-a-Leak 8oz. Bottle

Best Leak Sealing Specialty Product Since 1980

Fix-a-Leak is a patented composition formulated to seal spa and pool leaks. It can be used with all types of materials and works equally as well on leaks in your spa shell, walls, floor, fittings, skimmers or circulation system.

Fix-a-Leak can be an easy and effective remedy for any small spa leak and it's been successfully tested under varying conditions and weather. 8 oz. Bottle:

Features & Benefits:

• Seals Leaks Without Damaging Perimeter Area
• Helps Seal Leaks as Large as 1/8″ (3 mm) in Diameter
• Provides a Long Lasting Seal
• Forms Water-Tight Repair in 2-4 Days
• Easy to Use
• Doesn't Damage Pumps, Filters, Heaters or Other Equipment

8 oz. Bottle @ $15.90
32 oz. Bottle @ $38.95
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