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Hot Tub Cover

What are the ASTM standards for a spa cover and why are they important?

ASTM developed standards which include a category intended to protect children five years of age and under. ASTM Standard F1346-91 for spa covers includes specific performance tests and labeling requirements. Covers must be able to pass certain tests.

The first is Static Load. “In the case of spas with a width or diameter greater than 8′ from the periphery, the cover shall be able to hold a weight of 485 pounds to permit a rescue operation. In the case of a spa with a width or diameter not greater than 8′ the cover shall withstand the weight of 275 pounds”.

Second is Perimeter Deflection. “The covers shall be designed in such a way that when tested, deflection of the cover does not allow the test object to pass between the cover and the side of the spa, or to gain access to the water”. Additionally, testing for surface drainage is conducted to see if a dangerous amount of rain could collect on the cover’s surface.

There are also requirements to include labeling in consumer information and on the cover itself. Labeling must contain proper warnings (as described by the Standard) and identify the product as a safety cover.

How long should I expect a spa cover to last?

The life-span of a spa cover is dependent upon many different things. How much direct sunlight it gets, how well it’s cared for or abused, how extreme weather conditions are and how the chemicals in the spa are dealt with all have an effect on life-span. Generally though, if reasonably cared for a spa cover should last five to eight years.

What can I do to extend the life of my spa cover?

Although very durable, a small amount of general care and maintenance can help extend the life of any spa cover.

• Do not over sanitize the water, and remove the cover when shocking. This is the most important thing. As excessive sanitizers evaporate, they can actually deteriorate many of the plastic materials a spa cover is constructed from.
• Periodically cleaning, treating and protecting the outer vinyl from the elements is the most important thing. 303 Protectant is the best thing for treating and protecting the cover from sun damage. Stay away from any petroleum based products that claim to condition vinyl. They actually do much more harm than good.
• Remove excessive snow to prevent the cover from sagging and possibly breaking.
• Never sit of stand on a spa cover.