Cedar Hot Tub

cedar hot tub

Robert’s hot tubs offers a selection of different kinds of cedar hot tub. The round wooden hot tubs and ofuro soaking tubs that we sell have different cedar options. Customers can enjoy the grandeur of western red cedar hot tubs, alaskan yellow cedar hot tubs, or port orford cedar hot tubs. These kinds of hot tubs are known to last for up to 30 years if properly maintained. Cedar is the best wood to use for these kinds of hot tubs because of it’s strength and durability. It has an amazing ability to absorb water, and you will find that your cedar hot tub has a smooth and refreshing surface. They owe their history to Japan and Scandinavian countries, where hot tubs have been a tradition for hundreds of years. From wikipedia.org, “Wooden hot tubs: round wooden hot tubs peaked in popularity in the 1970s, having now been replaced by modern construction methods. Wooden hot tubs are often made of redwood or cedar and assembled from vertical staves and the structure is held together like wooden barrels, with metal bands.”