About us

Since 1976 Roberts Hot Tubs has been complementing some of the most beautiful homes, estates and resorts of the world with finely crafted traditional wooden hot tubs and wooden baths.

With the varying sizes, shapes, types of wood and jet location possibilities, a wooden hot tub can be a most relaxing experience.

Using only the highest quality of woods, hot tubs are available in an almost unlimited number of different shapes and sizes. Our 1-3/4″ thick western red cedar hot tubs are the most popular, with teak hot tubs being an alternative luxury.

5′ and 6′ diameter, 4′ tall are the most common, however hot tubs as small as 3′ or up to 12′ in diameter are not unheard of. Round, conical and oval shapes are all very popular, with depths ranging from 2′ to 5′.

The complete circular bench can be installed at any height, even multiple heights, to accommodate anyone and the unique “legless” design allows for complete freedom when stretching out. Total comfort!

Traditional wooden hot tubs provide a look and beauty that can never be achieved with plastic, and because they are assembled on site they will fit through any gate or doorway. And because Roberts Hot Tubs are milled with such computer accuracy assembly is a breeze!

Combining all of this with the many options of support equipment and unlimited jet location possibilities makes a Roberts Hot Tub an exquisite addition to any home.