Accepting Delivery of Your Hot Tub

Accepting Delivery of Your Hot Tub – BIG BOXES ON A BIG TRUCK


The majority of our hot tubs and complete hot tub systems are delivered by Yellow Transportation (deliveries within the state of California are done through DHL).

On the day we ship your tub to you we will call you to let you know that it’s shipping and to tell you the number of packages and the “pro number” (tracking number).

Once the shipping company has your shipment at its docking facility closest to you they will call you to arrange delivery.   Keep in mind that the size of your shipment is rather large. Complete gas fired hot tub systems consist of three ‘packages’, the hot tub bands (approx. 60#), the heater (approx. 115#) and everything else in a VERY big box (roughly 3′ x 3′ x 6′ weighing about 500#).

forklift-smallElectrically heated systems consist of only 2 packages, the bands and the big box as shown in the picture to the right.
When arranging delivery with the shipping company there are a couple of thing that may need to be considered for an easy delivery. First, let them know if there may be a problem in navigating a large truck to your home.

Trucks smaller than the standard ‘tractor trailer’ are available. The second, and more important consideration is how to get a 500 out of a trailer 5′ off the ground. Unless you happen to have a forklift sitting around, you may want to request a truck with a lift gate.

Please note though, there is frequently an additional charge by the freight company for a lift gate. Many people simple unpack the box right from the truck (usually this only takes 5 to 10 minutes).

liftgate-1With a lift gate you can generally expect some assistance from the driver in getting your shipment from the truck to the sidewalk. If it’s a straight smooth surface into your garage or area where you’ll store the tub till ready to install you may be able to use the drivers pallet jack.

Our hot tubs are packaged with the utmost of care. Consultation with various shipping companies over the years has resulted in a method of packaging that can withstand thousands of miles of bouncing down the road, crashing into by forklifts, and even hours of sitting out in the rain.

Once your shipment is off the truck however, inspect the package carefully for any exterior damage. If any damage is seen make note of it on your “bill of lading”, or better yet open the package and inspect the contents. Also check the bill of lading as to how many packages are in your shipment and MAKE SURE this is the number you receive.