Redwood No Longer an Option for Hot Tub Builders

¬†Redwood No Longer an Option for Quality Hot Tub Manufacturers Few species of wood, other than “Old Growth”, have enough natural rot resistance to be acceptable for use in top quality wooden hot tubs. “Old Growth Forests” as defined by Wikipedia, are “areas of forests that have attained great age and exhibit unique biological features.” Old Growth Forests are also commonly referred to as Ancient Forests, Virgin Forests, Primary Forests and Ancient Woodlands. Forests .

Round Wooden Hot Tub Assembly Instructions

Unlike others, our hot tubs are manufactured with perfect computerized accuracy and require absolutely no on-site milling or cutting of the final stave. Each tub fits together perfectly and assembles quite easily in an average time of less than 1 hour. *Please note, the following assembly procedure is a slightly condensed version of the actual included instructions. Various size hot tubs of various types of wood may have slightly different instructions and ONLY the .

Installation Preparation & Services

Proper hot tub installation preparation requires that you arrange for the following three items prior to installation. Proper Electrical Circuit Proper Sized Gas Line Cement Pads/Foundations for Hot Tub & Equipment   Electrical Requirements The standard electrical requirement for our complete hot tub system is a 240 volt, 20 amp circuit including a white neutral wire and a green insulated ground wire that is required by code. National electrical code requires that the wiring .

Hot Tub Location Guidelines

The most important part of any hot tub installation is proper planning and the first two steps of the planning process are deciding the ideal location for your hot tub and your hot tub equipment. The vast majority of our customers prefer to install their hot tubs outdoors, but our tubs can be installed just as easily inside your home as out. Our Hot Tub Photo Gallery is full of unique location ideas, creative .

Equipment Location & Layout

Equipment Location & Layout After you’ve received your hot tub, the next consideration is locating the equipment.¬† With our standard hot tub system the equipment will take up an area up to 3′ wide by 5′ long. The equipment can be squeezed into a smaller area, but know that this can make basic maintenance and any future repairs a bit more difficult. As for where to locate the equipment, the possibilities are great. National .

Accepting Delivery of Your Hot Tub

Accepting Delivery of Your Hot Tub – BIG BOXES ON A BIG TRUCK The majority of our hot tubs and complete hot tub systems are delivered by Yellow Transportation (deliveries within the state of California are done through DHL). On the day we ship your tub to you we will call you to let you know that it’s shipping and to tell you the number of packages and the “pro number” (tracking number). Once .