Wood Hot Tub FAQs

Q.  What are the Advantages of a Wood Hot Tub vs. an Acrylic Spa? A.  Although acrylic spas are by far more prevalent today than wooden hot tubs, it was the wooden hot tub that began the experience of social bathing in America. Whether to purchase an acrylic spa or a wooden hot tub depends mostly on personal preference and each individual situation. There are however many reasons for choosing a wooden tub over .

Hot Tub Installation FAQs

Q.  How difficult is it to assemble a wooden hot tub? A.  Hot tubs are not at all difficult to assemble, at least ours aren’t. Our assembly instructions are written with the do-it-yourself installer in mind and take you step by step through the basic hot tub assembly process. No special tools or skills are required. The computer accuracy we use in manufacturing our wooden hot tubs means that not only is there no .