Water Care & Chemicals – FAQs

Q: What is the proper level for Bromine or Chlorine in a hot tub?  Bromine is not recommended for use in wood hot tubs, always refer to the chemical care instructions provided with new wood tub purchases. A: Bromine should be 5 ppm, (parts per million) and Chlorine should be 3 ppm, (parts per million) Q: What is the correct pH range for hot tubs? A: pH level should be between 7.2 – 7.8 .

Filter & Filter Cartridge FAQs

Q.  When should a cartridge filter be acid washed? A.  Acid washing is perhaps the biggest single factor leading to premature filter cartridge failure! For years, service technicians and homeowners have acid washed D.E. grids. However, cartridge elements do not have the protective D.E. powder coating that grids have and can be permanently damaged by the acid. As a rule of thumb, acid wash only when required, if at all, and never without thoroughly .

Wood Hot Tub FAQs

Q.  What are the Advantages of a Wood Hot Tub vs. an Acrylic Spa? A.  Although acrylic spas are by far more prevalent today than wooden hot tubs, it was the wooden hot tub that began the experience of social bathing in America. Whether to purchase an acrylic spa or a wooden hot tub depends mostly on personal preference and each individual situation. There are however many reasons for choosing a wooden tub over .

Hot Tub Installation FAQs

Q.  How difficult is it to assemble a wooden hot tub? A.  Hot tubs are not at all difficult to assemble, at least ours aren’t. Our assembly instructions are written with the do-it-yourself installer in mind and take you step by step through the basic hot tub assembly process. No special tools or skills are required. The computer accuracy we use in manufacturing our wooden hot tubs means that not only is there no .

Insulating Hot Tub & Spa Cover FAQs

Q.  How much does a new cover weigh? Q.  What is the importance of a gusseted skirt? A.  One piece continuous skirts, which are easier to manufacture, have many inherent problems as compared to skirts that are gusseted (also called “slits”). Gusseted skirts not only hang much straighter, but also have less of a tendency to bunch-up under the cover when putting it on your spa. If the skirt folds under the cover it .

Japanese Ofuro Soaking Tub FAQs

Q.  What sizes are available? A.  If you can imagine it, we can make it (almost). We have no “standard” sizes and most every Ofuro we have made over the last 20 years has been customized to the needs and desires of the client in one way or another. We’ve made them as large as 7′ x 5′ x 4′ deep , and as small as 2′ x 2′ x 2′. Although we have .

Ozone Hot Tub FAQs

What is Ozone? Ozone is active oxygen, O3. It occurs naturally in the earth’s atmosphere to protect us from the sun’s harmful rays. What are some uses of ozone? Some common uses are: pool and spa water purification, aquarium water purification, drinking water and waste water purification, meat processing and air freshening. How long has ozone been used to purify water? Since the late 1800’s. How long has ozone been used to purify pool .

Online Ordering FAQs

Q.  Are There Other Ways to Place Orders Besides Ordering Online? A.  Absolutely ! Almost 35% of our orders are place over the phone. Please feel free to call us toll free at 1-800-735-5290 to place your order or talk to one of our Hot Tub Professionals. We’re available to take phone orders from 9am – 5pm PST, Monday thru Friday. As an added customer convenience, we also accept faxed orders.  Simply print a .