Hot Tub/Spa Cover Template Instructions

Hot tubs and spas of unique or unusual shapes requires a full size template in order to make a properly fitting protective cover.  In this case, a template is simply a full size tracing of the actual shape and size that the cover will be made to. One of the best materials for hot tub owners to use to make their cover template is a piece of clear plastic.  Clear plastic painting drop cloths .

Hot Tub Cover Measuring Tips

When measuring your hot tub or spa for a new cover, there is one important thing to remember: IT HAS TO BE LARGE ENOUGH TO FIT! We can make you a cover in one of two styles. The most popular style is to cover only the acrylic shell.   See measurement C in the diagram below. If you have a spa that resembles the diagram below (right side), with a wood edge on the outside .

Hot Tub Cover Care, Information & Tips

Your spa or hot tub cover fights the weather all year long and keeping it clean and in condition will make it last, look and perform better and longer. Sun, rain and snow all pull out the resins that keep vinyl insulated hot tub covers soft and pliable. Over time, spa covers that are not cleaned and protected become brittle, develop thin spots and start to rip and tear. The Cover Care Tips below .