Why Hot Tub Temperatures Max Out at 104 Degrees

max 104 degrees
Many people question why their spa will only heat to 104 ºF. Throughout history public bathing was done at higher temperatures. Even today, in Japan, many public bath houses have water up to 115 ºF. Hot tubs & spas in the United States, Canada and most parts of the world have been regulated to obtain a maximum temperature of 104 ºF since 1980.  On Dec 31, 1979, the Consumer Products Safety Commission, CSPC, released .

Hot Tub Location Guidelines

The most important part of any hot tub installation is proper planning and the first two steps of the planning process are deciding the ideal location for your hot tub and your hot tub equipment. The vast majority of our customers prefer to install their hot tubs outdoors, but our tubs can be installed just as easily inside your home as out. Our Hot Tub Photo Gallery is full of unique location ideas, creative .