Roll Covers

Strong, Durable & Easy to Remove!

Say Hello to light, long-lasting and easy to remove Roll Covers and goodbye to heavy, water-logged hot tub covers and cover lifts.

Our Roll Covers are made of  mildew and UV resistant polyethylene foam which makes them impervious to sun and water absorption.  Our covers are constructed with nothing but the highest quality, impeccably milled & kiln dried western red cedar.

We use 3″ wide by 1’1/2″ thick chamfered trapezoid shaped cedar slats which allow you to simply and easily roll your cover from one side to another or completely off your hot tub.

Roll Cover Shapes, Sizes & Price List

 49"- 60"61"- 72"73"- 84"85"- 96"


Product Description

Roll Cover Details

Attractive, strong and easy to remove hot tub and spa cover.   Constructed of thick insulating foam and quality wood to match your decking.  We finish off our roll covers with a 3 year warranty against water absorption!

rollcover12These covers are made of the highest quality, 1/4″ thick, mildew and UV resistant polyethylene foam.

Attached to the foam are 3″ wide by 1-1/2″ thick, slats of impeccably milled, kiln dried (6%-9% moisture content), highest quality western red cedar.

The boards are chamfered on the top (trapezoidal in shape) and properly spaced (3/4″ – 1″), which allows for the cover to be simply and easily rolled off your spa.

roll_cover21The covers come standard with an optional 16″ long “tail” that can be screwed to either your deck, or to a set of brackets attached to the side of your spa, for easy alignment of the cover.

The cover sits on the top of your deck or hot tub and comes complete with a brass locking mechanism that keeps the kids, pets and critters out.


  • Superior grade, kiln dried, clear heart, western red cedar
  • 3″ x 1-1/2″ boards, spaced 3/4″ to 1″ apart to allow for proper rolling
  • UV resistant polyethylene foam (a single molecule,
    virtually impervious to water absorption and damage from sunlight)
  • Unique fastening system that allow for easy on-site maintenance over the entire life
    of the cover
  • Standard tail to keep cover properly aligned
  • Brass all-weather lock
  • Mounting bracket included for installation on free stand portable spas
  • Strong enough for a horse to walk across (seriously, a customer reported this
    happening to their cover, and no damage was incurred)
  • Available for all spas and hot tubs; self-contained portable spas, swim spas,
    traditional wooden hot tubs or in ground spas (maximum width of 8′, unlimited

Our standard roll cover prices and sizes are listed below, but you will need to add your exact cover dimensions when ordering through our online store.

Roll Cover Shapes, Sizes & Price List

 49"- 60"61"- 72"73"- 84"85"- 96"

If the shape of your roll cover isn’t listed, please call us Toll Free @ 1-800-735-5290 or you can always email us at  We make quality roll covers to fit just about every shape and size of hot tub or spa ever made.


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