Leisure Time Brominating Tablets

Leisure Time Brominating Tablets


Leisure Time Brominating Tablets

A concentrated source of active bromine. These 1″ bromine tablets/sticks dissolve slowly and evenly in spa feeders and floaters to provide continuous disinfection of your spa.  Active bromine is as effective in sanitizing as chlorine, but without the chlorine odor.

  • Concentrated Source of Active Bromine Ideal for Hot Tub Sanitizing
  • Tablets Dissolve Slowly & Evenly & Fit in Most Spa Feeders
  • Used in Floaters, they Provide Continuous Disinfection
  • Contains 10% More Active Sanitizer than BCDMH
  • Bromine Tablets are 2.5 times More Soluble than BCDMH
  • Creates a Faster Bromine Residual for Spa Startup
  • Low-Dusting Tablet Shape Create a Bromine Residual Quickly
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