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CoverMate Easy Repair/Replacement Parts


CoverMate Easy Cover Lifter Repair & Replacement Parts

CoverMate Cover Lifts by Leisure Time set the industry standard for quality, performance and durability, but years of heavy lifting takes a toll on even the toughest of cover lifters.

Roberts Hot Tubs carries an extensive collection of repair and replacement parts for the complete line of CoverMate Cover Lifters, including the CoverMate Easy Lifter.

The three most requested replacement parts for Easy Lifter are the Foam Grips, Upper Support Arm & the Mounting Bracket Kit.

Details on the following parts are listed below.

CoverMate Easy Mounting Bracket Kit @ $49.95
CoverMate Easy Upper Support Arm @ $34.95 each
CoverMate Foam Replacement Grips @ $9.95 each

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Product Description

Easy Bracket Kit


CoverMate Easy Mounting Bracket Kit




CoverMate Easy Lifter Diagram



CoverMate Easy Upper Support Arm



Covermate Foam Grip


CoverMate Foam Replacement Grip



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