Ofuro Soaking Tub Price List

Ofuro Soaking Tub Price List-1

Port Orford Cedar Ofuro Soaking Tub Sizes & Price List

Tub DimensionsPrice - Tub OnlyTub DimensionsPrice - Tub Only
3'L x 3'W x 2'2"H$4,950.005'L x 3'W x 2'2"H$6,125.00
3'L x 3'W x 2'4"H $5,040.005'L x 3'W x 2'4"H$6,260.00
3'L x 3'W x 2'6"H$5,150.005'L x 3'W x 2'6"H $6,400.00
4'L x 3'W x 2'2"H$5,450.006'L x 3'W x 2'2"H$6,500.00
4'L x 3'W x 2'4"H$5,850.006'L x 3'W x 2'4"H$6,670.00
4'L x 3'W x 2'6"H$5,975.006'L x 3'W x 2'6"H$6,830.00

9.25% Sales Tax will be added to orders shipped within California as required by State Law.

POC Ofuro




Alaskan Yellow Cedar Ofuro Soaking Tub Sizes & Price List

 3'W x 3'L3'W x 4'L3'W x 5'L3'W x 6L
2' 2" Deep$4,950.00$5,450.00$6,125.00$6,500.00
2' 4" Deep$5,040.00$5,850.00$6,260.00$6,670.00
2' 6" Deep$5,150.00$5,975.00$6,400.00$6,830.00





Teak Ofuro Soaking Tub Sizes & Price List

 3'W x 3'L3'W x 4'L3'W x 5'L3'W x 6L
2' 2" Deep$5,150.00$5,650.00$6,325.00$6,700.00
2' 4" Deep$5,240.00$6,050.00$6,460.00$6,870.00
2' 6" Deep$5,350.00$6,175.00$6,600.00$7,030.00

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Our Ofuro Soaking Tubs are custom made to each customers exact specifications.  There are no standard sizes for Ofuros and over the last 40 years, Roberts Hot Tubs has built just about every size of Ofuro Soaking Tub that you can think of.

We welcome special orders and there’s a very good possibility that we can make your Ofuro dreams come true, no matter how funky your Ofuro dimensions might be.

If you’re interested in placing a special order, obtaining a price quote or simply learning more about our Ofuro Soaking Tubs,  please call us toll free at 1-800-735-5290 or email us at customercare@rhtubs.com.   One of our Hot Tub/Ofuro Specialists will be happy to help you.