Floating Bubble Blankets

Reduces Hot Tub Evaporation & Saves You $$$ Floating Bubble Blankets are an inexpensive and fairly effective way to reduce the rate of evaporation from your hot tub or spa. Our thick blue Floating Bubble Blankets look similar to bubble wrap, are 12 mil thick and are easily cut to size with a pair of scissors. Bubble blankets are convenient, light, easy to roll up and they do reduce hot tub and spa evaporation. The bottom line .

Floating Thermal Insulating Blankets

Keep it Hot, Reduce Evaporation & Save $$$ The advantages of using a simple floating thermal blanket on your hot tub or spa are rather amazing. Floating Thermal Blankets¬† eliminate most of the water and chemical evaporation, while trapping in the heat. By eliminating the evaporation and keeping the water in your hot tub or spa warmer, floating blankets can reduce the energy used to get your hot tub piping hot and reduce the number of .