Chofu Wood Burning Water Heaters

Heat Your Water Naturally; No Gas, Electricity or Noise! Chofu Wood Burning Water Heaters are a great alternate to using gas or electricity to heat your hot tub or spa. Chofu Wood Burning Water Heaters originated in Japan and can produce a heating capacity of approximately 35,000 BTU by only using wood. Chofu wood burning water heaters are perfect for areas off the beaten path or for hot tub enthusiasts looking for a more rustic, natural .

Chofu Wood Burning Water Heaters & Wood-Fired Hot Tub Systems

This is the perfect heater and hot tub system for cabins, those that are off grid, or if you’re simply looking for something a little more rustic or “back to basics”. Like our regular complete hot tub systems, our wood fired hot tub systems are available in western red cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar or teak. The Chofu is a precision built wood-burning water heater specifically designed for heating hot tubs. It circulates water using .